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Beds. Pillows. Crates. Exercise Pens. Housebreaking Pads. Wet Wipes



Fresh & Contemporary

We pay close attention to trends and design to ensure our beds hit the mark and blend into home decor. Unleashed bedding offers sizes perfect for small dogs and cats right up to our extra large beds for large breeds or multiple dog homes.



Add Some Cuteness To Your Pets Bed

Cat and dog themed pillows, add them to your pets bed or your couch. You can never have enough pillows.


Basic Wire Crates

The Perfect Economical Solution

Our Unleashed crates feature an attractive hammer-tone finish that prevents corrosion and ensures the products will stand the test of time.

The Basic Crate is our more economical crate and has a lesser gauge wire and spacing than our regular crate.  It’s a perfect option for those who need a crate for basic training, shows or simple transport. Includes double door, removable tray, locking latch & divider panel.

  • Economical Solution for Training

  • Great for Travel

  • Easy Assembly

  • Item # 03572 - 19L x 12W x 14H”

  • Item # 03573 - 24L x 18W x 19H”

  • item # 03574 - 30L x 19W x 21H”

  • Item # 03575 - 36L x 23W x 25H”

  • Item # 03576 - 42L x 28W x 30H

  • Item # 03577 - 48L x 30W x 32H”


Regular Wire Crates

Stand The Test Of Time

Our Regular Crate feature thicker wire and tighter spacing. These are perfect for those who crate on a longer term basis or in a professional setting. Includes double door, removable tray, locking latch & divider panel

  • Effective Training Aid

  • Easy Assembly

  • Durable Epoxy Coat Finish

  • Item # 03560 - 19x13x15.5”

  • Item # 03561 - 24.8x17x20.5”

  • Item # 03562 - 30.5x19x22.4”

  • Item # 03563 - 36.4x22.6x25.8”

  • Item # 03564 - 42.9x28x31.3”

  • Item # 03565 - 48.8x29.9x31.5”


Soft Side Crates

Excellent For Traveling

These durable, weather resistant soft sided crates are easy to assemble. The light weight pop-up design is great for travel, indoor and outdoor use. These crates feature mesh windows for comfort and security. Included with the crate is a sherpa mat & nylon carrying bag.

  • Item # 03593 - Medium 30x20x21"

  • Item #03594 - Large 36x22x25"

  • Item #03595 - XLarge 43x29x30"


Exercise Pens

Provides A Safe Enclosure For Your Pet

These durable zinc coated fold-able exercise pens are easy to store, transport and assemble. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these pens come with eight interlocking panels and feature a convenient door in door feature.

  • Item # 03566 - 24x18”

  • Item # 03567 - 24x24”

  • Item # 03568 - 24x30”

  • Item # 03569 - 24x36”

  • Item # 03570 - 24x42”

  • Item # 03571 - 24x48”


Housebreaking Pads

Perfect for Puppies & Stay-At-Home Dogs

The Regular Size 22"x 23" is Available in 30PK, 50PK & 100PK. The XLarge size 29"x 35" is ideal for large breed puppies or aging dogs, available in 40PK.

  • Liquid Lock

  • Ultra Absorbent

  • Odor Control Layers

  • Quilted Quick Dry System

  • Quick Dry

  • Scented to Attract Puppies


Wet Wipes

Refresh & Cleanse Quickly & Easily

  • Fresh Green Tea Scent

  • Alcohol Free

  • Vitamin E

  • Refresh & Cleanse

  • Helps Eliminate Odor

  • Keeps Pets Fresh & Clean

  • Perfect for Paws & Fur