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Scrumptious Gourmet Cat Food

Yummy Yummy Give Me Some Right Meow

We guarantee your cat will love the taste and you will love the value. All formulas are grain free, gluten free and feature human grade meats. Always all natural, no fillers or by-products. Feed it everyday or just as a treat, either way your cat will love you for it!


Pumpkin Pate

Happy Tummy Maker For Cats & Dogs

Scrumptious Pumpkin Supplement is an excellent source of fiber for both your cat and dog. Feed in conjunction with your pets dry food, replacing up to 10% of the diet. This yummy pate is also great as a treat!

  • Support Stool Quality

  • Soluble & Insoluble Fibers

  • Supports Healthy Gut Motility

  • Pureed For Easy Mixing

  • Only Two Ingredients


Red Meat Tuna Line

Six Delicious Red Meat Tuna Flavours

What is red meat tuna?

The metabolically active muscle that allows tuna to swim for long periods of time without rest. The red pigment comes from the high myoglobin content in the muscle that allows it to transfer more oxygen thus providing more energy than light tuna.

  • Rich In High Quality Protein

  • Helps Support Muscle Growth

  • Highly Digestible


Sardine & Mackerel

Flaked Dinner In Gravy

This Sardine & Mackerel mix doesn't fit in the Red Meat Tuna line or the Chicken line of Scrumptious, but it was just such a  favourite with all the cats we taste tested with that we had to make it! Flaked  in a succulent gravy cats will fight you for it.

  • High Protein

  • All Natural


Chicken Line

Five Succulent Chicken Based Flavours

This line-up features a combinations of shredded cuts of chicken, turkey and seafood in succulent gravy.

  • High Protein

  • Human Grade

  • All Natural

  • Gourmet